Hayride To Hell...and Back CD

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Hayride To Hell
Hayride To Hell and Back CD

California based Hayride To Hell are credited with being one of the first Psychobilly bands to establish on the west coast.
Formed in 1994, Hayride To Hell tour regularly and have performed at Psychobilly festivals in California, Colorado, New York and in the UK.
The band released their debut self-titled album in 1997 and have appeared on numerous compilations since.
Now Hayride To Hell are back with a new full length stomper.
13 songs of rockabilly punk madness with over the top horror motifs to spare.
Noticeably more talented in their instrumentation and songwriting than your average Psychobilly band, it's apparent that Hayride To Hell have been around the block a few times.
This second Hayride album is full of high-charged guitar riffs paired with thundering upright bass and drums that serve as a perfect backdrop to stories of death, demons and overall destruction.
Not for the timid.

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Disc 1
  1. Death Dealer
  2. Demon Seed
  3. Panhead
  4. Serving Mankind
  5. Lustmord
  6. Killin Y'all
  7. Graveyard Romp
  8. Sarah Winch
  9. Dyin' For The Other Side
  10. She's My Witch
  11. The Thirst
  12. Psychobilly Outlaw
  13. Hayride To Hell and Back.