Gnarly LP (vinyl)

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The Halibuts
Gnarly LP (vinyl)

Sizzling Surf instrumetals from the mid-1980s!
The Halibuts started out in the early '80s in South Bay, Los Angeles, playing instro surf music before the surf-revival fueled by the movie Pulp Fiction.
All but one of the members in the band were real surfers, as well as being great musicians!
Their brand of Surf is raw, energetic and powerful.
One of the band members, Pete Curry, went on to become a member of Los Straitjackets and The Neanderthals.

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Disc 1
  1. Shorepound
  2. Skinny Dip
  3. 40 Miles Of Bad Surf
  4. The Twomp
  5. Centipede
  6. Man From H.A.L.I.B.U.T.
  7. Mambo Halibut
  8. Batman
  9. Got A Match
  10. 26 Miles
  11. The Rumble
  12. Gnarly!