Back To The Jungle LP (vinyl)

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Guana Batz
Back To The Jungle LP (vinyl)

At last - the brand new album from psychobilly scene legends The Guana Batz!
The Guana Batz are celebrating their 35 years on tour - and after 22 years of silence, they now have a brand new album.
Top notch Old School Psychobilly, lots of newly written songs - Back To The Jungle is a Guana Batz masterpiece.

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Disc 1
  1. You're So Fine
  2. Honey Get Back In The Box
  3. Burning Up
  4. End Of The Real World
  5. Heartbeat
  6. Martian Princess
  7. Tyburn Tree
  8. You've Got Everything
  9. Faded Memory
  10. No Way Back
  11. Girl On A Motorbike
  12. Tank Slapper