Let's Rock Awhile CD

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Goree Carter
Let's Rock Awhile - His Guitar, His Hepcats and His Rocking Rhythm Orchestra CD

Goree Carter was one of the great blues guitarists to emanate from the state of Texas.
His playing style was influenced by T-Bone Walker from which he carved his own sound in an attempt to go off in his own direction.
Although Goree’s career and success was limited he kept the jukebox operators and consumers happy and released a steady stream of great singles which can be heard here.
Most notably is Rock Awhile which has gone on to be one of those recordings that is often cited as “the first Rock 'n' Roll record”.
Carter's over-driven electric guitar style was similar to that of Chuck Berry from 1955 onwards.
This superb 28 track collection showcases one of the forgotten greats of Texas Blues
Accompanying booklet includes detailed liner notes.

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Disc 1
  1. 1. Sweet Ole Woman's Blues
  2. 2. Back Home Blues
  3. 3. Rock Awhile
  4. 4. How Can You Love Me?
  5. 5. I'll Send You
  6. 6. Hoy - Hoy
  7. 7. I Just Thought of You
  8. 8. Is It True
  9. 9. She's Just Old Fashioned
  10. 10. She's My Best Bet
  11. 11. What a Friend Will Do
  12. 12. My Love is Coming Down
  13. 13. Workin' With My Baby
  14. 14. Serenade
  15. 15. Come On Let's Boogie
  16. 16. Lonely World
  17. 17. Drunk or Sober
  18. 18. You Are My Everything
  19. 19. Every Dog Has His Day
  20. 20. Everybody's Love Crazy
  21. 21. Let's Rock
  22. 22. I'm Just Another Fool
  23. 23. If It's True What They Tell Me
  24. 24. True Love is Hard To Find
  25. 25. I've Got News For You
  26. 26. Tell Me is There Still a Chance
  27. 27. I'm Your Boogie Man
  28. 28. Please Say You're Mine