Fly Now CD

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Gona Lehtinen
Fly Now CD

Antti ”Gona” Lehtinen certainly holds a membership card to the guitar players' elite club.
Having played virtually all known genres of roots music from blues, jazz and country to rock ’n’ roll, rockabilly and old-school rhythm ’n’ blues since the mid-1980s in numerous bands and ensembles, our man is a seasoned professional endowed with an exceptional sense of style, also knowing how to give sincere credit to his idols.
With the material of his first album he makes a strong tribute to his years of musical development.
Lehtinen's long-term dream eventually took off in the spring of 2018, leading a six-month mission in the studio.
The total hours spent on the work created an astonishingly consistent, palpable and lively listening experience, also benefited from contributions by several guesting top players, such as saxophone player Juho Hurskainen, violinist Laura Airola as well as steel guitarist Jussi Huhtakangas.
A further important element for the album’s big picture is brought on by the charming Ria Korhola, the singer on each of the four vocal numbers.
The central role is played by Lehtinen himself, writing the arc of his drama with equal ease both via acoustic gypsy swing and fiercely rocking rhythm ’n’ blues.
Although many song choices move thoughts far into the past, the guitarist has not totally clung to the roots of history.
Followers of the Django tradition like Paul ”Hono” Winterstein as well as pioneers of the rock ’n’ roll genre of the 2000’s, such as the late Nick Curran, also have their place in the spotlight of his repertoire.

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Disc 1
  1. Bleu Citron
  2. Crazy
  3. He's a Real Gona Guy
  4. Seul Ce Soir
  5. Davis Travis Rag
  6. Up Jumped the Devil
  7. Stompin' at the Fort
  8. Plus Je T'embrasse
  9. Hot Bossa
  10. Seul Chet
  11. Blue Skies
  12. Theme from a Dream