Golden Age Of American Rock 'n' Roll - Doo Wop Vol 2 CD

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CDCHD 1230

Golden Age Of American Rock 'n' Roll - DooWop Edition Volume 2 CD

The second Special Doo Wop Edition in the Golden Age Of American Rock 'n' Roll series mines the same rich seam of vocal group splendour as it's predecessor - only it digs deeper, bringing us many of the more obscure Doo Wop hits.
Every one of the 30 tracks included here was a great Doo-Wop record, and the majority are made available on CD for the first time.
Featuring The Cleftones, The Jesters, The Passions, The Velours, Johnny and The Tokens, The Spaniels, The Carousels, The Mello-Tones, The Embers, The Enchanters, The Belmonts and many others.

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Disc 1
  1. Arabia - The DELCOS
  2. Paradise - THE TEMPTATIONS
  3. Lullaby Of The Bells - THE DELTAIRS
  4. You Baby You - THE CLEFTONES
  5. So Strange - THE JESTERS
  6. I Only Want You - THE PASSIONS
  7. Teenage Vows Of Love - THE DREAMERS
  8. Magic Moon - THE RAYS
  9. Don't Forget I Love You - THE BUTANES
  10. Can I Come Over Tonight - THE VELOURS
  11. Juke Box Saturday Night - NINO & THE EBB TIDES
  12. The Things I Love - THE FIDELITYS
  13. The Taste Of A Tear - JOHNNY AND THE TOKENS
  14. My Memories Of You - DONNIE AND THE DREAMERS
  15. My Hero - THE BLUE NOTES
  16. Everyone's Laughing - THE SPANIELS
  17. If I Should Lose You - THE DREAMLOVERS
  19. If You Want To - THE CAROUSELS
  20. Nite Owl - THE DUKAYS
  21. Rosie Lee - THE MELLO-TONES
  22. Gift Of Love - THE VAN DYKES
  23. Lovers - THE BLENDTONES
  24. Starlight - THE PRELUDES FIVE
  25. Brenda - THE CUPIDS
  26. Solitaire - THE EMBERS
  27. You Broke My Hea