Real Gone CD

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The Go-Getters
Real Gone CD

Wild Rockabilly and Blues Bop from the excellent Go Getters.
Real Gone is their first album, with additional bonus tracks which were not on the vinyl version.
22 great rockin' cuts in total.

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Disc 1
  1. Real Gone Daddy
  2. Whenever You're Ready
  3. Thirty Days
  4. Ice Cold Baby
  5. Sugar Sweet
  6. Who's Baby Are You Baby?
  7. You Don't Love Me
  8. Dancin' Doll
  9. You're Gonna Miss Me
  10. Flatfoot Sam
  11. Flame Of Love
  12. Wildcat Tamer
  13. My Baby's Gone Away
  14. Hurricane
  15. House Of Blue Lights
  16. Slow Down
  17. Got To Go
  18. The Woman I Need
  19. Somebody's Been Rockin' My Boat
  20. In The Shade
  21. That Don't Move Me
  22. Harpin' Drinkin' Harpin'