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The Genies / Don & Juan
Who's That Knocking / What's Your Name CD

The Genies were a short-lived DooWop group who dented the US Top 100 in 1959 with their very first release Who's That Knocking, and ceased performing a year or so later after cutting a handful of 45s.
Don and Juan were a DooWop vocal duo who registered a massive, million-selling hit with What's Your Name in early 1962, but were unlucky with follow-ups.
The link between The Genies and Don & Juan was the lead voice of Claude Johnson, a vastly underrated singer and songwriter who, despite these two brushes with success, remains something of a mystery man.
The Genies' other main man was singer Roy Charles Hammond, who later became well known as Roy 'C'.
This 26 track collection anthologises all the known recordings of The Genies and Don & Juan to the end of 1962, and also features a couple of Hammond's spinoff Genies-oriented projects.
These recordings are all collectors' rarities, many of which are hard to find elsewhere on CD.

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Disc 1
  1. The Genies - Who's That Knocking?
  2. The Genies - The First Time
  3. The Genies - No More Knockin'
  4. The Genies - On The Edge Of Town
  5. The Genies - There Goes That Train
  6. The Genies - Crazy Love
  7. The Genies - Twistin' Pneumonia
  8. The Genies - Just Like The Bluebird
  9. The Genies - Crazy Feeling
  10. The Genies - Little Young Girl
  11. The Genies - Chicken Necks
  12. The Genies - Where Did You Go?
  13. The Genies - Come Walk With Me
  14. The Genies - S'cuse Me Lady
  15. Roy Hammond & The Genies - Mama Blow Your Top
  16. Roy Hammond & The Genies - It's Getting Cold
  17. Chet Barnes & The Skylarks - Everytime It Rains
  18. Chet Barnes & The Skylarks - Is You Is
  19. The Skylarks - Everybody's Got Somebody
  20. The Skylarks - Jeannie
  21. Don & Juan - What's Your Name
  22. Don & Juan - Chicken Necks
  23. Don & Juan - Two Fools Are We
  24. Don & Juan - Pot Luck
  25. Don & Juan - Magic Wand
  26. Don & Juan - What I Really Meant To Say