Important Words CD

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Gene Vincent
Important Words CD

Originally issued on vinyl in 1989, this updated version of the long deleted album has had a wealth of rarities added to make a total of 30 rare, unissued and alternate Gene Vincent studio recordings dating from 1958 to 1961.
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Disc 1
  1. Rocky Road Blues
  2. Anna Annabelle
  3. Rip It Up
  4. Important Words
  5. Who's Pushing Your Swing
  6. High Blood Pressure
  7. Lonesome Boy
  8. Maybelline
  9. Gone Gone Gone
  10. You Are The One For Me
  11. I Might Have Known
  12. Beautiful Brown Eyes
  13. Crazy Beat
  14. I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat
  15. It's Been Nice
  16. That's The Trouble With Love
  17. Good Lovin'
  18. Mister Loneliness
  19. Teardrops
  20. If You Want My Lovin'
  21. Spaceship To Mars
  22. There I Go Again
  23. King Of Fools
  24. You're Still In My Heart
  25. Held For Questioning
  26. Where Have You Been All My Life
  27. Temptation Baby
  28. The Beginning Of The End