Rockabilly Express CD

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Gary Setzer and Barry Ryan
Rockabilly Express CD

Gary Setzer and Barry Ryan is the perfect Rockabilly combination, and their debut album Rockabilly Express blasts out hard rockers that any fan of their previous bands will love.
Indeed, they surpass Gary's work with his brother Brian, his subsequent recordings as a frontman, and Barry's major label releases with The Rockats with all-out rockers like Hot Train To Hell, Whiskey Boys and Las Vegas Blues.
This Rockabilly Express rocks hard and is not for the feint hearted, on a track that journey's through their diverse Americana roots.

As the title could suggest, this debut pairing corrals a range of styles roving through Rockabilly & Americana history as well as their own travels (notably Rockin' Rebels & The Rockats respectively). The meaty grind of 16-ton opener Hot Train To Hell through to Las Vegas Blues & Whiskey Boys may not be too many steps from Stray Cats moves (Setzer being the original drummer) but the real delights come in their referencing & renovating tradition along the way. The Hurtin' Kind escorts Ring Of Fire across the border into accordion-courting Cajun territory, You're Gone recalls Roy Orbison's lavish balladry & Barry's Breakdown is pretty exquisite bluegrass jazz. Though it doesn't shake seismic musical surprises from its shirt - or duck - tails it doesn't sit in brother Brian's shadows nor have to strive over earnestly to escape it. In fact, unless you're especially desperate for his brother's more Eddie Van Haley histrionics then this classy little nugget has a whole lot more to offer. (Stu Gibson)

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Disc 1
  1. Hot Train To Hell
  2. The Hurtin' Kind
  3. As Long As I Live
  4. Las Vegas Blues
  5. You're Gone
  6. I Really Really Love You
  7. Can't Stop Now
  8. Whiskey Boys
  9. Saved By The Voodoo Of You
  10. Hot Head Cold Feet
  11. Steamrollin'
  12. Lucky Me
  13. Barry's Breakdown