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    Gary Paxton Meets The Hollywood Argyles CD

    This 33 track collection gathers together everything released by The Hollywood Argyles between 1960-62, including rare 45s and unissued demos, many of which have never previously appeared on CD.
    The Hollywood Argyles were archetypal one-hit wonders, topping the US charts in 1960 with the multi-million selling worldwide hit Alley-Oop, but never quite being able to a big follow-up hit.
    The LP that they released, along with their follow-up singles have subsequently become collectors' items.
    The Argyles' Main Man was singer/songwriter/producer Gary Paxton, who had earlier been one half of a vocal duo Skip & Flip.
    Skip & Flip had hit the US charts in 1959 with a pair of million-sellers It Was I and Cherry Pie.
    Both of these are included herein as bonus tracks, alongside a bunch of Skip & Flip rarities.
    Also featured are a number of Gary Paxton's solo releases from 1962 - including his cult answer disc Alley Oop Was A Two-Dab Man as well as the legendary Spookie Movies.


    • 1Hollywood Argyles - Alley-Oop
    • 2Hollywood Argyles - Sho' Know A Lot About Love
    • 3Hollywood Argyles - Gun Totin' Critter Called Jack
    • 4Hollywood Argyles - The Bug Eyed Man
    • 5Hollywood Argyles - Hully Gully
    • 6Hollywood Argyles - So Fine
    • 7Hollywood Argyles - Honky Tonk
    • 8Hollywood Argyles - Yakety Yak
    • 9Hollywood Argyles - The Way I See It
    • 10Hollywood Argyles - You're Ruinin' My Gladness
    • 11Hollywood Argyles - You'll Always Be My Darling
    • 12Hollywood Argyles - The Lost Ranger
    • 13Hollywood Argyles - Unemployment
    • 14Hollywood Argyles - You Been Torturing Me
    • 15Hollywood Argyles - The Grubble
    • 16Hollywood Argyles - See You In The Morning
    • 17Hollywood Argyles - The Morning After The Night Before
    • 18Hollywood Argyles - Bossy Nover
    • 19Hollywood Argyles - Find Another Way
    • 20Skip & Flip - It Was I
    • 21Skip & Flip - Lunch Hour
    • 22Skip & Flip - Fancy Nancy
    • 23Skip & Flip - It Could Be
    • 24Skip & Flip - Cherry Pie
    • 25Skip & Flip - Cryin' Over You
    • 26Skip & Flip - Doubt
    • 27Gary Paxton - Teen Age Crush
    • 28Gary Paxton - It's So Funny I Could Cry
    • 29Gary Paxton - Alley Oop Was A Two-Dab Man
    • 30Gary Paxton - Stop Twistin' Baby
    • 31Gary Paxton - Spookie Movies
    • 32Gary Paxton - It Had To Be You
    • 33Gary Paxton - We're Going Back Together

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