El Bebop Kid - In English (part 2) CD

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Freddy Fender
El Bebop Kid - In English (part 2) CD

Long before he became a Country Crossover superstar in the 1970s, Freddy Fender was a teenage rock 'n' roll star in his native Mexico, under his real name, Baldemar Huerta.
The very first Hispanic rock & roller, nicknamed 'El Bebop Kid', he initially sang Spanish language cover versions of contemporaneous American rock 'n' roll hits, before starting to write his own songs.
He changed his stage name to Freddy Fender in 1959 in order to appeal to the US market - as he famously said, 'To sell better with Gringos!' - and began to record in English.
After being busted in 1960 for a marijuana offence, he was incarcerated in Angola State Prison, Louisiana; while inside he had records released as both Freddy Fender and Scotty Wayne, while he also recorded an LP, Inside Louisiana State Prison, backed by other prison inmates.
This unique 32 track collection presents the very best of his English language recordings between 1959-1961, the first time that this body of work has been thus compiled.

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Disc 1
  1. Freddy Fender - Mean Woman
  2. Freddy Fender - Holy One
  3. Freddy Fender - Wasted Days And Wasted Nights
  4. Freddy Fender - San Antonia Rock
  5. Freddy Fender - I Can't Remember When I Didn't Love You
  6. Freddy Fender - A Man Can Cry
  7. Freddy Fender - You're Something Else For Me
  8. Freddy Fender - Crazy Baby
  9. Freddy Fender - Wild Side Of Life
  10. Freddy Fender - Since I Met You Baby
  11. Freddy Fender - Little Mama
  12. Scotty Wayne - Find Somebody New
  13. Scotty Wayne - Only One
  14. Scotty Wayne - I'm Gonna Leave
  15. Scotty Wayne - Pretty Baby
  16. Scotty Wayne - Sweet Summer Day
  17. Freddy Fender & Boo - Something On Your Mind
  18. Scotty Wayne - Roobie Doobie
  19. Scotty Wayne - You Told Me You Loved Me
  20. Scotty Wayne - Louisiana Blues
  21. Scotty Wayne - Too Late To Remedy
  22. Scotty Wayne - Go On Baby (I Can Do Without You)
  23. Freddy Fender - My Happy Days Have Gone Away
  24. Freddy Fender - Our Pledge Of Love
  25. Freddy Fender - I Hope Someday You'll Forgive Me
  26. Freddy Fender - Hello Loneliness
  27. Freddy Fender - My River
  28. Freddy Fender - Quit Shucking Me Baby
  29. Freddy Fender - Bye Bye Little Angel
  30. Freddy Fender - Oh My Love
  31. Freddy Fender - Glow Of Your Love
  32. Freddy Fender - Gonna Be Looking.