Cheap Women Cheap Booze Cheaper Thrills CD

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The Frantic Flattops
Cheap Women Cheap Booze Cheaper Thrills CD

Frantic and furious Rockabilly from rockin' American trio The Frantic Flattops.
Straight-ahead Rockabilly with a frenzied boppin' beat, delivered with a whole heap of power and attitude.

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Disc 1
  1. Look at the Size of That Boogie
  2. Take Your Time
  3. Sweeter
  4. If This Is Love
  5. Black Eye Blues
  6. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out
  7. Sweet Fine Thing
  8. Boy Next Door
  9. Black Widow
  10. Ask for Me by Name
  11. Wrecking Ball
  12. Before I Let You Go
  13. Witchdoctors' Curse
  14. Daddy Yar
  15. It Just Took a Moment
  16. Devastation Wagon.