Go Man Go! - Double Barrelled Blues & Boogie 1952-'56 CD

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Frank Motley and his Motley Crew
Go! Man! Go! - Double Barrelled Blues & Boogie 1952-'56 CD

Frank Motley was a famous Rhythm & Blues bandleader who recorded prolifically throughout the 1950s.
His fame was not merely down to his volume of recorded work, more for the power of his live performance - specifically his ability to play two trumpets simultaneously.
His Motley Crew famously featured singer/pianist Curley Bridges, singer Elsie 'Angel Face' Kenley, and drummer Thomas 'TNT' Tribble.
They recorded extensively for Washington-based DC Records from 1951, who licensed many of their recordings to labels like Gotham, Specialty, RCA, Big Town, Hollywood and Gem.
This is a great 'lost' body of work, much of which has never previously appeared on CD.
This repertoire is sought after by R&B and Rock 'n' Roll collectors alike, notably Bow Wow Wow, which is viewed by specialist collectors as being among the most raucous and exciting Rock 'n' Roll records of all time.

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Disc 1
  1. Heavy Weight Baby
  2. Frantic
  3. Dual Trumpets Bounce
  4. Curly's Lament
  5. Honkin' At Midnight
  6. New Hound Dog
  7. Snatch It
  8. Frantic Love
  9. I Was Framed
  10. Diggin' In The Ground
  11. Don't Go
  12. What Can I Do
  13. Boomerang Lover
  14. The Last Time
  15. Climbing Eiffel Tower
  16. JC's Theme
  17. Wanda Landa Landa
  18. Swinging Along
  19. Frankie and Johnnie
  20. Motley's Jazz
  21. Three Blind Mice
  22. Bow Wow Wow
  23. Stop Beating My Heart
  24. Give Me One More Chance
  25. This Is Our Love
  26. I'm Looking For My Baby
  27. Crying All Alone
  28. You've Got It
  29. Go Man Go
  30. Yeah Let's Fly
  31. Baby Indeed I Do
  32. Everybody Wants A Flat Top
  33. High and Low