Forgotten Female R&B Singers of the 1950s CD

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Four Great Lost and Forgotten Female R&B Singers of the 1950s CD

Twenty-five original recordings from four female Rhythm & Blues singers whose talent was never fully recognized.
During the 1950s, Dolores Ware, Honey Brown, Betty James and Chubby Newsome recorded for the Mercury, Wing, Chess, Derby, Club and Winley Records labels.
These recordings demonstrate the wealth of female talent that has been overlooked, even lost, from the days when 78rpm shellacs were the order of the day.
This collection is the perfect introduction to these four singers who were all popular entertainers, whose contribution is now available for you to savour.
The accompanying booklet has individual biographies of the four singers as well as photos, label scans, trade paper reviews and full musician and producer credits.

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Disc 1
  1. My Heart's In the Right Place - Dolores Ware
  2. Tell My Baby - Dolores Ware
  3. If I'm Wrong - Dolores Ware
  4. There's a Whole Lot of Fish In the Sea - Dolores Ware
  5. Everything Will Be All Right - Dolores Ware
  6. Can't Eat Can't Sleep - Dolores Ware
  7. Is It True - Dolores Ware
  8. I'm Through - Dolores Ware
  9. Thrill-La-Dill - Dolores Ware
  10. Sweetness - Dolores Ware
  11. Rockin' and Jumpin' - Honey Brown
  12. Lonesome and Mistreated - Honey Brown
  13. Chasing Women and Drinking Corn - Honey Brown
  14. That's All Right - Honey Brown
  15. Rocking and Jumping - Honey Brown
  16. No Good Daddy - Honey Brown
  17. Ain't No Need - Honey Brown
  18. Kiss Me Baby - Honey Brown
  19. The Glory of Love - Honey Brown
  20. I'm a Little Mixed Up - Betty James
  21. Help Me To Find My Love - Betty James
  22. Henry Lee - Betty James
  23. I'm Not Mixed Up Anymore - Betty James
  24. Toodle Luddle Baby - Chubby Newsome
  25. When Are You Comin' Home - Chubby Newsome