Behind Broken Windows LP (vinyl)

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The Fancy Dolls
Behind Broken Windows LP (vinyl)

Something different featuring members of psychobilly bands The Rusty Robots and The Tazmanian Devils.
The Fancy Dolls blend together elements of Punk, New Wave and Psychobilly (described in one review as "Wave-Billy"), resulting in this album of great original songs.

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Disc 1
  1. I Feel Bored
  2. Everybody's Dead
  3. Man Machine
  4. Rich Kids
  5. Girl Next Door
  6. Kiss Me
  7. I Just Came Around
  8. Factory Of Death
  9. Modern Man
  10. Ashes To Ashes
  11. Silly Boy
  12. I'm Not Your Fancy Doll
  13. The Kids Are Fighting
  14. You're Too Fast
  15. Farewell To My Love
  16. Since I Have You
  17. Mary Perkins