Hawaiian Voodoo + We Like Weird CD

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Empress Of Fur
Hawaiian Voodoo + We Like Weird CD

Much more than just a female fronted Cramps style band, Empress Of Fur play guitar-driven Voodoobilly from the murkiest Rock 'n' Roll swamp.
They have been influential in the current wave of female led Psychobilly and Punkabilly bands, and their Johnny Voodoo is now regarded as an underground Rock 'n' Roll classic.
This CD release couples their long-deleted mini-album Hawaiian Voodoo and their sought-after EP We Like Weird.
Empress Of Fur emerged from the flat, godforsaken landscape of the Eastern Fenlands on their unholy musical crusade.
Whilst natives of other barren landscapes often turned to god amidst their deserted horizons, Empress Of Fur turned to the devil known as Rock 'n' Roll.

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Disc 1
  1. Johnny Voodoo
  2. Woman
  3. Mad Mad Bad Bad Mama
  4. The Missing Chord
  5. Hell Hawaiian Style
  6. How Does That Grab You?
  7. We Like Weird
  8. The Batcave
  9. Roadster