Slide Order Of The Blues - The Singles As & Bs 1952 - 1962 (2CD)

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Elmore James and his Broomdusters
Slide Order Of The Blues - The Singles As & Bs 1952 - 1962 (2CD)

This 2CD set contains the A and B side of every 78 and 45 released in the period 1952 to 1962. It features original releases from Trumpet, Meteor, Flair, Checker, Modern, Chief, Vee Jay, Fire and Enjoy. The recordings were produced mainly in Chicago and New York with others made in Mississippi, New Orleans and Los Angeles and constitutes as formidable a body of work as could be found anywhere in blues history.

His impact over some of the most notable artists of the past fifty years cannot be denied with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Greg Allman, Brian Jones (Rolling Stones), Jeremy Spencer (Fleetwood Mac), Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and George Thorogood citing him as a major influence.

Although there have been many Elmore James CDs there has never been one like this covering all his singles for different labels.

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Disc 1

1. Dust My Broom
2. I Believe
3. I Held My Baby Last Night
4. Baby, What's Wrong
5. Sinful Woman
6. Early In The Morning
7. Hawaiian Boogie
8. Country Boogie
9. She Just Won't Do Right
10. Can't Stop Lovin'
11. Make A Little Love
12. Strange Kinda Feeling
13. Please Find My Baby
14. Make My Dreams Come True
15. Hand In Hand
16. Sho Nuff I Do
17. 1839 Blues
18. Dark And Dreary
19. Rock My Baby Right
20. Sunny Land
21. Standing At The Crossroads
22. Late Hours At Midnight
23. The Way You Used To Treat Me (Mean And Evil)
24. Happy Home
25. No Love In My Heart

Disc 2

1. Dust My Blues
2. I Was A Fool
3. Blues Before Sunrise
4. Good-bye
5. Wild About You Baby
6. Long Tall Woman
7. The 12 Year Old Boy
8. Coming Home
9. It Hurts Me Too
10. Elmore's Contribution To Jazz
11. Cry For Me Baby
12. Take Me Where You Go
13. Bobby's Rock
14. The Sky Is Crying
15. Held My Baby Last Night
16. I Can't Hold Out (Talk To Me Baby)
17. The Sun Is Shining
18. Rollin' And Tumblin'
19. I'm Worried
20. Knocking At Your Door
21. Done Somebody Wrong
22. Fine Little Mama
23. Look On Yonder Wall
24. Shake Your Moneymaker
25. Stranger Blues
26. Anna Lee