Barrelhouse Boogie and The Blues CD

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Ella Mae Morse
Barrelhouse Boogie and The Blues CD

Ella Mae Morse was of the same vintage as Sister Rosetta Thorpe, Big Maybelle, Big Mama Thornton, Ruth Brown and Lavern Baker.
This CD collection features the original Barrelhouse Boogie album in full, plus bonus tracks making 32 songs in total.

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Disc 1
  1. Rock Me All Night Long
  2. Money Honey
  3. I Love You Yes I Do
  4. Daddy Daddy
  5. We've Reached The Point Of No Return
  6. Forty Cups of Coffee
  7. Teardrops from My Eyes
  8. 5-10-15 Hours
  9. Have Mercy Baby
  10. How Can You Leave a Man Like This
  11. Give A Little Time to Your Lover
  12. Goodnight It's Time to Go
  13. Male Call
  14. Big Mamou
  15. Happy Habit
  16. An Occasional Man
  17. When Boy Kiss Girl It's Love
  18. Lovey Dovey
  19. Bring Back My Baby
  20. Livin' Livin' Livin'
  21. Birmingham
  22. Singing-ing-ing
  23. Give Me Love
  24. Down in Mexico
  25. Rock and Roll Wedding
  26. I'm Gonna Walk
  27. Coffee Date
  28. What Good'll It Do Me
  29. Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
  30. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
  31. Mister Memory Maker
  32. A Long Time Ago