Have Blues-Will Travel 2CD

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Eddie Noack
Have Blues Will Travel 2CD

A bona-fidé Country Music legend, Eddie Noack was a hard-livin', old school Honky-Tonk singer, songwriter and performer, who stuck to his traditional musical guns in the face of a constantly changing late 1950s Country music scene.
As a result he didn't achieve the commercial success he perhaps deserved, although his recorded legacy is held in the highest esteem.
Ironically, over the years, cuts like Hungry But Happy, Too Hot To Handle, Take It Away Lucky, The Worm Has Turned, Scarecrow and Shotgun House have become much sought-after collectors' items.
This 64 track double CD collection presents his singles released between 1949 and 1962, across seven different record labels, Gold Star, 4-Star, TNT, Starday, 'D', Mercury and Allstar Records.
Includes his biggest hit, Have Blues Will Travel, as well as his infamous rockabilly 45 Can't Play Hookey which was issued under the pseudonym Tommy Wood in 1958.

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Disc 1
  1. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  2. Triflin' Mama Blues
  3. Pyramid Club
  4. Simulated Diamonds
  5. Hungry But Happy
  6. Raindrops In The River
  7. Frown On The Moon
  8. Unlucky Me
  9. Green Back Dollar
  10. Tragic Love
  11. I Can't Run Away
  12. I'd Still Want You
  13. Music Making Mama From Memphis
  14. Please Mr. Postman
  15. There's A Place In My Heart
  16. I'm Going To See My Baby
  17. Nothing
  18. First and Last Thing
  19. Too Hot To Handle
  20. How Does It Feel To Be The Winner
  21. As The Band Played Paul Jones
  22. Pride
  23. Take It Away Lucky
  24. Don't Trade
  25. Left Over Lovin'
  26. I'll Be So Good To You
  27. Wind Me Up
  28. If It Ain't On The Menu
  29. Fair Today Cold Tomorrow
  30. Don't Worry 'Bout Me Baby
  31. When The Bright Lights Grow Dim
  32. It Ain't Much But It's Home
Disc 2
  1. For You I Weep
  2. You Done Got Me
  3. The Worm Has Turned
  4. She Can't Stand The Light Of Day
  5. Scarecrow
  6. Think Of Her Now
  7. Dust On The River
  8. What's The Matter Joe?
  9. Can't Play Hookey
  10. My Steady Dream
  11. Have Blues Will Travel
  12. The Price Of Love
  13. Walk 'em Off
  14. I Don't Live There Anymore
  15. A Thinking Man's Woman
  16. Don't Look Behind
  17. Man On The Wall
  18. Relief Is Just A Swallow Away
  19. Shake Hands With The Blues
  20. Sunflower Song
  21. Too Weak To Go
  22. Firewater Luke
  23. I Slipped Out Of Heaven
  24. Firewater Luke
  25. Where Do You Go?
  26. Shotgun House
  27. It's Hard To Tell An Old Love Goodbye
  28. Love's Other Face
  29. Too Hot To Handle
  30. Tell Her
  31. We Are The Lonely Ones
  32. Chaperoned By A Memory