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    Easy Introduction To
    Rock 'n' Roll Top 15 Albums (8CDs)


    • 1Elvis Presley: Blue Suede Shoes
    • 2Elvis Presley: I'm Counting On You
    • 3Elvis Presley: I Got A Woman
    • 4Elvis Presley: One-sided Love Affair
    • 5Elvis Presley: I Love You Because
    • 6Elvis Presley: Just Because
    • 7Elvis Presley: Tutti Frutti
    • 8Elvis Presley: Trying To Get To You
    • 9Elvis Presley: I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Cry (over You)
    • 10Elvis Presley: I'll Never Let You Go (little Darlin')
    • 11Elvis Presley: Blue Moon
    • 12Elvis Presley: Money Honey
    • 13Elvis Presley: Make Me Know It
    • 14Elvis Presley: Fever
    • 15Elvis Presley: The Girl Of My Best Friend
    • 16Elvis Presley: I Will Be Home Again
    • 17Elvis Presley: Dirty, Dirty Feeling
    • 18Elvis Presley: The Thrill Of Your Love
    • 19Elvis Presley: Soldier Boy
    • 20Elvis Presley: Such A Night
    • 21Elvis Presley: It Feels So Right
    • 22Elvis Presley: The Girl Next Door Went A' Walking
    • 23Elvis Presley: Like A Baby
    • 24Elvis Presley: Reconsider Baby
    • 1Little Richard: Tutti-frutti
    • 2Little Richard: True, Fine Mama
    • 3Little Richard: Can't Believe You Wanna Leave
    • 4Little Richard: Ready Teddy
    • 5Little Richard: Baby (don't You Want A Man Like Me)
    • 6Little Richard: Slippin' & Slidin (peepin' & Hidin')
    • 7Little Richard: Long Tall Sally
    • 8Little Richard: Miss Ann
    • 9Little Richard: Oh Why?
    • 10Little Richard: Rit It Up
    • 11Little Richard: Jenny Jenny
    • 12Little Richard: She's Got It
    • 13Dion & The Belmonts: I Wonder Why
    • 14Dion & The Belmonts: Where Or When
    • 15Dion & The Belmonts: You Better Not Do That
    • 16Dion & The Belmonts: Just You
    • 17Dion & The Belmonts: I Got The Blues
    • 18Dion & The Belmonts: Don't Pity Me
    • 19Dion & The Belmonts: A Teenager In Love
    • 20Dion & The Belmonts: Wonderful Girl
    • 21Dion & The Belmonts: A Funny Feeling
    • 22Dion & The Belmonts: I've Cried Before
    • 23Dion & The Belmonts: That's My Desire
    • 24Dion & The Belmonts: No One Knows
    • 1Chuck Berry: Sweet Little Sixteen
    • 2Chuck Berry: Blue Feeling
    • 3Chuck Berry: La Jaunda
    • 4Chuck Berry: Rock At The Philharmonic
    • 5Chuck Berry: Oh Baby Doll
    • 6Chuck Berry: Guitar Boogie
    • 7Chuck Berry: Reelin' & Rockin'
    • 8Chuck Berry: In-go
    • 9Chuck Berry: Rock & Roll Music
    • 10Chuck Berry: How You've Changed
    • 11Chuck Berry: Low Feeling
    • 12Chuck Berry: It Don't Take But A Few Minutes
    • 13Chuck Berry: Almost Grown
    • 14Chuck Berry: Carol
    • 15Chuck Berry: Maybellene
    • 16Chuck Berry: Sweet Little Rock & Roller
    • 17Chuck Berry: Anthony Boy
    • 18Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode
    • 19Chuck Berry: Little Queenie
    • 20Chuck Berry: Jo Jo Gunne
    • 21Chuck Berry: Roll Over Beethoven
    • 22Chuck Berry: Around & Around
    • 23Chuck Berry: Hey Pedro
    • 24Chuck Berry: Blues For Hawaiians
    • 1Buddy Holly: Oh, Boy!
    • 2Buddy Holly: Not Fade Away
    • 3Buddy Holly: You've Got Love
    • 4Buddy Holly: Maybe Baby
    • 5Buddy Holly: It's Too Late
    • 6Buddy Holly: Tell Me How
    • 7Buddy Holly: That'll Be The Day
    • 8Buddy Holly: I'm Looking For Someone To Love
    • 9Buddy Holly: An Empty Cup (and A Broken Date)
    • 10Buddy Holly: Send Me Some Lovin'
    • 11Buddy Holly: Last Night
    • 12Buddy Holly: Rock Me Baby
    • 13Gene Vincent: Red Bluejeans & A Ponytail
    • 14Gene Vincent: Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me
    • 15Gene Vincent: Unchained Melody
    • 16Gene Vincent: You Told A Fib
    • 17Gene Vincent: Cat Man
    • 18Gene Vincent: You Better Believe
    • 19Gene Vincent: Cruisin'
    • 20Gene Vincent: Double Talkin' Baby
    • 21Gene Vincent: Blues Stay Way From Me
    • 22Gene Vincent: Pink Thunderbird
    • 23Gene Vincent: I Sure Miss You
    • 24Gene Vincent: Pretty, Pretty Baby
    • 1Eddie Cochran: C'mon Everybody
    • 2Eddie Cochran: Three Steps To Heaven
    • 3Eddie Cochran: Cut Across Shorty
    • 4Eddie Cochran: Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
    • 5Eddie Cochran: Hallelujah! I Love Her So
    • 6Eddie Cochran: Sittin' In The Balcony
    • 7Eddie Cochran: Summertime Blues
    • 8Eddie Cochran: Lovin' Time
    • 9Eddie Cochran: Somethin' Else
    • 10Eddie Cochran: Tell Me Why
    • 11Eddie Cochran: Teenage Heaven
    • 12Eddie Cochran: Drive-in Show
    • 13Johnny Burnette & The Rock & Roll Trio: Honey Hush
    • 14Johnny Burnette & The Rock & Roll Trio: Lonesome Train (on A Lonesome Track)
    • 15Johnny Burnette & The Rock & Roll Trio: Sweet Love On My Mind
    • 16Johnny Burnette & The Rock & Roll Trio: Rock Billy Boogie
    • 17Johnny Burnette & The Rock & Roll Trio: Lonesome Tears In My Eyes
    • 18Johnny Burnette & The Rock & Roll Trio: All By Myself
    • 19Johnny Burnette & The Rock & Roll Trio: The Train Kept A-rollin'
    • 20Johnny Burnette & The Rock & Roll Trio: I Just Found Out
    • 21Johnny Burnette & The Rock & Roll Trio: Your Baby Blue Eyes
    • 22Johnny Burnette & The Rock & Roll Trio: Chains Of Love
    • 23Johnny Burnette & The Rock & Roll Trio: I Love You So
    • 24Johnny Burnette & The Rock & Roll Trio: Drinking Wine
    • 1Carl Perkins : Blue Suede Shoes
    • 2Carl Perkins : Movie Magg
    • 3Carl Perkins : Sure To Fall
    • 4Carl Perkins : Gone, Gone, Gone
    • 5Carl Perkins : Honey Don't
    • 6Carl Perkins : Only You
    • 7Carl Perkins : All Mama's Children
    • 8Carl Perkins : Tennessee
    • 9Carl Perkins : Right String Baby, Wrong Yo-yo
    • 10Carl Perkins : Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
    • 11Carl Perkins : Matchbox
    • 12Carl Perkins : Your True Love
    • 13Carl Perkins : Boppin' The Blues
    • 14Fats Domino: The Fat Man
    • 15Fats Domino: Tired Of Crying
    • 16Fats Domino: Goin' Home
    • 17Fats Domino: You Said You Love Me
    • 18Fats Domino: Going To The River
    • 19Fats Domino: Please Don't Leave Me
    • 20Fats Domino: Rose Mary
    • 21Fats Domino: All By Myself
    • 22Fats Domino: Ain't That A Shame
    • 23Fats Domino: Poor Me
    • 24Fats Domino: Bo Weevil
    • 25Fats Domino: Don't Blame It On Me
    • 1Ricky Nelson: Shirley Lee
    • 2Ricky Nelson: Someday (you'll Want Me To Want You)
    • 3Ricky Nelson: There's Good Rockin' Tonight
    • 4Ricky Nelson: I'm Feelin' Sorry
    • 5Ricky Nelson: Down The Line
    • 6Ricky Nelson: Unchained Melody
    • 7Ricky Nelson: I'm In Love Again
    • 8Ricky Nelson: Don't Leave Me This Way
    • 9Ricky Nelson: My Babe
    • 10Ricky Nelson: I'll Walk Alone
    • 11Ricky Nelson: There Goes My Baby
    • 12Ricky Nelson: Poor Little Fool
    • 13Roy Orbison: Only The Lonely
    • 14Roy Orbison: Bye-bye, Love
    • 15Roy Orbison: Cry
    • 16Roy Orbison: Blue Avenue
    • 17Roy Orbison: I Can't Stop Loving You
    • 18Roy Orbison: Come Back To Me (my Love)
    • 19Roy Orbison: Blue Angel
    • 20Roy Orbison: Raindrops
    • 21Roy Orbison: (i'd Be) A Legend In My Time
    • 22Roy Orbison: I'm Hurtin'
    • 23Roy Orbison: Twenty-two Days
    • 24Roy Orbison: I'll Say It's My Fault
    • 1Wanda Jackson: Rock Your Baby
    • 2Wanda Jackson: Fujiyama Mama
    • 3Wanda Jackson: You're The One For Me
    • 4Wanda Jackson: Did You Miss Me
    • 5Wanda Jackson: Cool Love
    • 6Wanda Jackson: Honey Bop
    • 7Wanda Jackson: Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad
    • 8Wanda Jackson: Baby Loves Him
    • 9Wanda Jackson: Mean Mean Man
    • 10Wanda Jackson: You've Turned To A Stranger
    • 11Wanda Jackson: Don'a Wan'a
    • 12Wanda Jackson: I Gotta Know
    • 13Wanda Jackson: Funnel Of Love
    • 14Wanda Jackson: (let's Have A) Party
    • 15Wanda Jackson: Money Honey
    • 16Wanda Jackson: Hard Headed Woman
    • 17Wanda Jackson: Stupid Cupid
    • 18Wanda Jackson: There's A Party Going On
    • 19Wanda Jackson: Riot In Cell Block #9
    • 20Wanda Jackson: Slippin' & Slidin'

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