Time to Jive - His Rockin' Best CD

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Don Lang
Time to Jive - His Rockin' Best CD

Don Lang was one of Great Britain's first rock 'n' rollers and was a regular on BBC TV's Six Five Special.
School Day and Witch Doctor, his two biggest chart hits are included alongside tracks from his HMV EPs, his LPs and a Six Five Special LP focusing on Don Lang's best rockin' recordings.
These twenty-six tracks give a snap shot of the best of British Rock 'n' Roll from the 1950s and early '60s including his versions of classic songs such as Rock-A-Billy, Tequila, Queen Of The Hop and The Big Beat.
The CD also includes the two tracks he recorded for Decca with production handled by record and TV producer Jack Good.
Over sixty minutes of Great British rock 'n' roll, with accompanying booklet featuring detailed liner notes tracing his recording career between 1957 and 1962.

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Disc 1

1. Six-Five Special
2. School Day
3. The Big Beat
4. Rock Rock Rock
5. Baby Baby
6. Rock Pretty Baby
7. Seventeen
8. Red Planet Rock
9. Ramshackle Daddy
10. Rock Mr. Piper
11. You Started Something
12. Rock-a-Billy
13. Time To Jive
14. 6-5 Hand Jive
15. Tequila
16. Witch Doctor
17. Queen Of The Hop
18. La-do-da-da
19. A Hoot An' A Holler
20. See You Friday
21. Reveille Rock
22. Frankie and Johnny
23. They Call Him Cliff
24. Don't Open That Door
25. Wicked Woman
26. Play Money