C'mon Let's Do the British Twist CD

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C'mon Let's Do the British Twist


The Twist was by far the biggest dance craze at the turn of the '60s, an era during which new dance fads seemed to come along every few weeks.
However, although The Twist had taken America by storm during 1960, it took a couple of years to catch on in the UK.
This unique collection takes a look at the UK’s reaction to The Twist, presenting an eclectic, unlikely selection of bedfellows, performing mainly cover versions of US Twist hits.
More than a third of these tracks have never previously appeared on CD.
Featured artists include Duffy Power, Shane Fenton, Billy Fury, The Firestones, The Viscounts, Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Paul Rich, Lord Rockingham's XI, The King Brothers, Dean Shannon and many others.

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Disc 1
  1. Duffy Power - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
  2. Winifred Atwell - Johann's Twist
  3. Bert Weedon - Twist Me Pretty Baby
  4. Cyril Stapleton - Let's Twist A Little Longer Tonight
  5. Cyril Stapleton - The Twistin' Train
  6. Shane Fenton & the Fentones - It's Gonna Take Magic
  7. Billy Fury - The Twist Kid
  8. Craig Douglas - Ring a Ding
  9. Cyril Stapleton - Let's Twist Again
  10. Jimmy Powell - Tom Hark
  11. The Firestones - Party Twist
  12. Ray Bennett - Twistin' To the Blues
  13. Gary Edwards Combo - Twistful Thinkin'
  14. Vernons Girls - You Know What I Mean
  15. Cyril Stapleton - Twist Me Another
  16. The Firestones - Party Twist
  17. The Viscounts - Mama's Doin' the Twist
  18. Des O'Connor - Twist Drive
  19. Billy Fury - Let's Paint the Town
  20. Cliff Richard & the Shadows - Do You Want To Dance
  21. Paul Rich - Rock-A-Hula Baby
  22. Joe Loss - Roon the Toon
  23. Lord Rockingham's XI - Newcastle Twist
  24. Susan Maughan - Mama Do the Twist
  25. Hal Carter Five - Come On and Twist Me
  26. Davy Jones - Jezebel
  27. Ray Pilgrim - Red Red Roses
  28. Joe Loss - Twistin' In the Mood
  29. Joe Loss - Along the Boulevard
  30. King Brothers - King Size Twist
  31. Charlie Drake - Tanglefoot
  32. David Ede - Twistin' the Trad
  33. David Ede - Twistin' Those Meeces To Pieces
  34. Dean Shannon - Ubangi Stomp
  35. Cyril Stapleton - When the Saints Come Twistin' In