Look At That Moon CD

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Dime Store Dukes
Look At That Moon CD

Look At That Moon is a great second album from UK rockabilly 4-piece the Dime Store Dukes, presenting 16 rockin' tracks mixing original songs together with a cool selection of vintage classics and obscurities.

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Disc 1
  1. Look at That Moon
  2. Wancha to Know
  3. Move Around
  4. Rockin' and Rollin'
  5. Going Strong
  6. Ole Hot Rod
  7. Big Door
  8. My Search
  9. Shake 'Em up Baby
  10. Jitterbop Baby
  11. The Shack
  12. Teardrops from My Eyes
  13. My Loving Baby
  14. This Is the Night
  15. Rock Bop Shiver 'n' Shake
  16. You Made a Hit