I Saw Linda Yesterday CD

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Dickie Lee
I Saw Linda Yesterday CD

Prior to becoming a big Country Music star, Dickie Lee started out as a heads-down Rock 'n' Roller in the 1950s.
His first release, Stay True Baby, is nowadays a hugely collectable Rock 'n' Roll rarity, as are the two 45s he cut for Sun Records in 1957/58, Good Lovin' and Dreamy Nights.
Dickey eventually scored a hit with a controversial death disc, Patches, in 1962, which he followed with the hit album, The Tale Of Patches, and a couple more hit singles Don't Wanna Think About Paula the Dion-inspired I Saw Linda Yesterday.
This 29 track collection gathers all his early recordings, between 1957-1962, many of which have been very difficult to find on CD.

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Disc 1
  1. Dream Boy
  2. Stay True Baby
  3. Good Lovin'
  4. Memories Never Grow Old
  5. Dreamy Nights
  6. Fool Fool Fool
  7. Hey Heart
  8. Life In A Teenage World
  9. Why Don't You Write Me
  10. Patches
  11. More Or Less
  12. Patches
  13. Roses Are Red
  14. Wolverton Mountain
  15. A Little Bitty Tear
  16. Tell Laura I Love Her
  17. Travelin' Man
  18. Miller's Cave
  19. Teen Angel
  20. Running Bear
  21. Devil Woman
  22. Ebony Eyes
  23. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
  24. I Saw Linda Yesterday
  25. The Girl I Can't Forget
  26. Don't Wanna Think About Paula
  27. Just A Friend
  28. I Saw Linda Yesterday
  29. She Thinks I Still Care - George Jones