Surf Beat Live Monterey CA 1995 CD

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Dick Dale
Surf Beat Live Monterey CA 1995 CD

King Kahuna of Surf Guitar, Dick Dale, pioneered the sound that would later become known as Surf Rock. Revered by the likes of The Beach Boys, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Ramones, and Van Halen, Dale's distinctive - and frenetic - guitar playing is unique and heavily influenced by the drumming of Gene Krupa and Dale's own early experiences of playing the tarabaki drum. His is the sound that defines surf culture.

This adrenalin-fuelled set was broadcast live by KOCN from the Laguna Seca Daze Festival in Monterey, CA on 28 May 1995. His career was riding the crest of a wave, thanks to Quentin Tarantino's choice of Dale's classic re-working of the traditional Greek song, Misirlou, as the title track to his film, Pulp Fiction.

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Disc 1
  1. Introduction - Shredded Heat
  2. Miserlou
  3. Nitro
  4. Taco Wagon
  5. Ghost Riders In The Sky / Rumble
  6. Take It Or Leave It
  7. Trail Of Tears
  8. Caravan
  9. Scalped
  10. Tribal Thunder / Hot links - Caterpillar Crawl
  11. Fever
  12. Calling Up Spirits
  13. Third Stone From The Sun
  14. Esperanza
  15. The Wedge / Peter Gunn Theme.