Brutal Purity CD

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Deuces Wild
Brutal Purity CD

Guitar led Greasy Twangin' and Stompin' Rockabilly trio Deuces Wild from the late 1980s/Early '90s who were influenced by The Stray Cats and Eddie Cochran.
Lots of original material - excellent stuff!
Includes 3 bonus tracks which were not on the original vinyl LP release.

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Disc 1
  1. Just Alright
  2. Diamonds At Her Feet
  3. What Colour Is The Sky
  4. Make That Date
  5. Never Came Back
  6. Decisions On Love
  7. Am I Wrong?
  8. Look That Looks Good
  9. Sweet Love From You
  10. Deuces Wild
  11. Blues So Bad
  12. Brutal Purity
  13. Radiation Ranch
  14. City Bound