Demon Is Crying CD

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Demon Is Cryin' CD

Japanese Import psychobilly compilation featuring tracks from Retrogression, The Inoportunos, Unknown Visitor, Frantic Flintstones, Acid Connection, Smell Of Kat, The Madheads, Retrogression, The Meantraitors, Empress Of Fur and Gorilla.
A full-on fast 'n' furious Psychobilly frenzy featuring great bands from Japan, UK, Spain, Ukraine, Russia and Hungary.

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Disc 1
  1. Retrogression : Castle Of Gomorrah
  2. Inoportunos : Demon Is Crying
  3. Unknown Visitor : Freddie
  4. Frantic Flintstones : Slash Slash Cutter Cutter
  5. Acid Connection : Bad Smell
  6. Smell Of Kat : Evil Girl
  7. Unknown Visitor : Glay
  8. The Madheads : Tram In Lunacy
  9. Retrogression : No Pain No Gain
  10. The Meantraitors : Black Hole
  11. Empress Of Fur : Johnny Voodoo
  12. Gorilla : Homeless
  13. Acid Connection : Fog