Firefly CD

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Delta 88
Firefly CD

Firefly is the second album from Delta 88, a fantastic UK trio that blends primitive '50s rockin' beats with a more contemporary edge to create an catchy and danceable rockabilly style.

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Disc 1
  1. Cherry Pie Until I Die
  2. I Fell In Love On The Wall Of Death
  3. Damsel In Distress
  4. She Does Me Good
  5. High Heeled Boots
  6. She's Hot To Handle
  7. Massachusetts Firefly
  8. Rockin' On A Sunny Afternoon
  9. Patient Man
  10. Panther In The Night
  11. Return Of The Girl With A Ray Gun
  12. Gonna Get Me A Motorcycle
  13. Satisfaction Guaranteed
  14. Please Don't Send Me Home