Psychotic Trash Rock 'n' Roll CD

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Dead Bollox
Psychotic Trash Rock 'n' Roll CD

Longstanding Psychotic Punkabilly Trash 4-piece band, originally from Pau in France.
The Dead Bollox have shared the stage with international bands psychobilly bands such as Demented Are Go, Frantic Flintstones, Mad Sin and The Caravans.
With a crazed singer, a punky rockin' guitarist, a solid drummer and a psychotic slap-bass player, Dead Bollox deliver their brand of Punkabilly Trash with power and attitude.

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Disc 1
  1. Rock 'n' Roll
  2. Descent To Hell
  3. Who's Gonna
  4. Bad Blues
  5. Fight Tonight
  6. Dirty Shoes
  7. Brakmar