Mexican Hat Rock CD

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Dave Appell and the Applejacks
Mexican Hat Rock CD


A Philadelphia-born guitarist whose career as a professional musician stretched back to the late 1930s, Dave Appell carved out an unlikely career in Rock‘n’Roll in the 1950s.
His name remains synonymous with the Cameo-Parkway group of labels, for whom he wrote, arranged and produced countless hit records for other artists.
However, several of his own 45s, on which he was billed in various guises of The Applejacks, enjoyed success in their own right.
This mammoth 33 track collection of original recordings presents the very best of Dave Appell’s own releases between 1954-1962 and includes all his significant hits, most notably the million-selling Mexican Hat Rock and its follow-ups, Rocka-Conga and Bunny Hop.
Many of the tracks here are virtually impossible to find elsewhere on CD.

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Disc 1
  1. Smarter
  2. Sweet Patootie Pie
  3. Ookey Ook
  4. Ring Around My Baby
  5. The Love Express
  6. Teenage Meeting
  7. Ooh Baby Ooh
  8. The Rock and Roll Story
  9. Country Dance
  10. Applejack
  11. Love In the Jungle
  12. Chitter Chatter Baby
  13. No Name Theme
  14. Dinner With Drac
  15. Mexican Hat Rock
  16. Stop! Red Light!
  17. Rocka-Conga
  18. Am I Blue
  19. Bunny Hop
  20. Night Train Stroll
  21. Circle Dance
  22. Love Scene
  23. Theme From the Untouchables
  24. Memories Are Made of This
  25. Theme From the Young Ones
  26. September Song
  27. Mexican Hat Twist
  28. Let's Continental
  29. Cherry Valley
  30. Happy Jose
  31. Noivous
  32. Struttin' In the Summertime
  33. Any Time