The Albums 1977-81 (4CD box set)

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The Darts
The Albums 1977-81 (4CD box set)

73 track, 4 disc round up of British Doo-Wop legends The Darts covering their recordings for Magnet Records between 1977 and 1981.
Disc One is their No.9 charting self-titled album which includes the hit singles Daddy Cool (No.8) and Come Back My Love (No.2).
The second disc features the Everyone Plays Darts LP which hit No.12 in the summer of 1978 and features the hit singles The Boy From New York City (No.2) and It's Raining (No.2), whilst amongst the six bonus tracks is the No.18 hit Don't Let It Fade Away.
Disc Three has the No.38 charting album Dart Attack from 1979 which includes the hit singles Get It (No.16), Duke Of Earl (No.6), Can't Get Enough Of Your Love (No.43) and Reet Petite (No.51).
The fourth and final disc is the rare Darts Across America album, originally released only in the USA, now restored to its original LP art and coming with 13 bonus cuts.
Included are the hit singles Let's Hang On (No.11), Peaches & Cream (No.66) and White Christmas (No.48).
The accompanying 20 page booklet contains detailed liner notes and pictures of all the relevant record sleeves.
The band remain in the Top 500 Chart acts of all time in the UK and still regularly play one off shows across the country.
Not just successful in the UK, the band also enjoyed considerable chart action across Europe including Daddy Cool - Holland No.7, Belgium No.9, Sweden No.3, Come Back My Love - Holland No.4, Belgium No.6, The Boy From New York City - Germany No.48, Holland No.11, Belgium No.12, Norway No.10, It's Raining - Germany No.39, Holland No.5, Belgium No.8 and Get It - Germany No.42.

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Disc 1
  1. Daddy Cool / The Girl Can't Help It
  2. Young Blood
  3. Too Hot In The Kitchen
  4. Sometime Lately
  5. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
  6. Shotgun
  7. Come Back My Love
  8. Bells In My Heart
  9. Sh-Boom 
  10. Stay Away
  11. I'm Mad / Fancy Man / Framed / Riot In Cell Block No.9 / Trouble
  12. Come Back My Love
  13. Naff Off
  14. The Boy From New York City
  15. Honey Love
  16. My Friend's Wife
  17. It's Raining
  18. Make It
  19. Hammy's Boogie
  20. Who's That Knocking
  21. My True Story
  22. Late For Work
  23. Bones
  24. Late Last Night
  25. I Gotta Go Home
  26. Why I Cry
  27. Bones
  28. It's Raining
  29. Messing Shoe Blues
  30. Don't Let It Fade Away
  31. Early In The Morning
  32. Why I Cry
  33. Duke Of Earl
  34. Runaround
  35. Don't Say Yes
  36. Cuckoo
  37. One Off The Writsts
  38. Cool Jerk
  39. Don't Hang Up
  40. Honey Bee
  41. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
  42. Reet Petite
  43. Don't Mess Around With Love
  44. Don't Look Back
  45. This Is The Night
  46. Goodbye Brenda
  47. Get It
  48. How Many Nights
  49. I've Got To Have My Way
  50. Sing Out The Old Bring In The New
  51. Think
  52. Reach Out, I'll Be There
  53. Peaches & Cream
  54. Speedo
  55. Cover To Cover
  56. Sad And Lonely
  57. Let's Hang On
  58. False Alarm
  59. Hit And Run
  60. Show Me / Do You Love Me
  61. Cairoli
  62. D.I.Y. Heartache
  63. White Christmas
  64. Sh-Boom
  65. Don't Say Yes
  66. Jump Children Jump
  67. Green For Go
  68. Show Us Your Shoes
  69. Hey Jo Girl
  70. Feelin'
  71. Third Time Lucky
  72. Touch Me
  73. Tight Lines