Curious World Of The Bad Detectives CD

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The Bad Detectives
The Curious World Of The Bad Detectives CD

The Bad Detectives are a band that is hard to pigeon-hole.
In their 10 year history they have recorded 5 albums and appeared on numerous compilations.
Their music has popped up on TV shows and the band they get a lot of radio play.
With a world-wide cult following The Bad Detectives amble along, unaware of their popularity.
This fifth album will be welcomed by their fanbase.

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Disc 1
  1. Tiki Tunnels
  2. Demon Surfer
  3. Who's Gonna Watch The Skies?
  4. Sheppard’s Barton Special Agent
  5. The Chesil Beach Luau
  6. Glam Rock Lock-In
  7. BSA Bantam
  8. Hoodoo On Me
  9. Michael Landon Bit Me
  10. Emmets and Grockles
  11. Bloody Mary
  12. When The Levels Break
  13. So Long Baby I’m Toast