They All Fall Down CD

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The Creepshow
They All Fall Down CD

Sizzling Psychobilly Punk Rock 'n' Roll from The Creepshow, the Canadian Punkabilly 4-piece led by Sarah Blackwood.
They All Fall Down sees them sounding better than ever, moving away from Horrorpunk ghoulishness into attitude and adrenaline.
This is their best album to date, notably for Blackwood's vocal performances - but not taking anything away from the solid delivery of her band.

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Disc 1
  1. The Sermon III
  2. Get What's Coming
  3. Someday
  4. They All Fall Down
  5. Last Chance
  6. Sleep Tight
  7. Dusk Til Dawn
  8. Keep Dreaming
  9. Hellbound
  10. Going Down
  11. Nowhere