Storming The Moon CD

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Crazy Rocket Surfers
Storming The Moon CD

First full-length album from The Crazy Rocket Surfers, a 4-piece who have a Rockin' Psychobilly sound, influenced by Frenzy and The Long Tall Texans, with thumpin' slap-bass throughout.
Their songs are infused with a sense of fun, and sound like every live show would be a party.

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Disc 1
  1. Great Change
  2. Roll Baby Roll
  3. I'm Walking
  4. Bavarian Bob
  5. That's Okay
  6. Don't Give A Fuck
  7. Friday Night
  8. Barmaid
  9. Rock Hard Or Die
  10. Orgasmic Pitstop
  11. Rockin 'n' Rolling
  12. Crazy Rocket Surfers
  13. Dancing Queen
  14. Termite Strut