Complete Velvets CD

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The Velvets
The Complete Velvets CD

The Velvets hailed from Odessa, Texas where the Texan panhandle meets the rest of the state.
Discovered by Roy Orbison, The Big O was so impressed with The Velvets that he recommended the group to Fred Foster at Monument Records.
Their second release Tonight took them into the Billboard Hot 100 at #26 and into the UK top 50 and although the follow-up Lana barely dented the American charts, it went to No 1 in Japan.
The Complete Velvets brings you 30 original recordings including all the singles that they made right through until 1966.
Also included are thirteen tracks which have only been available on Japanese releases CD.
The sound quality is superb with the recordings being mastered from the original tapes.

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Disc 1
  1. Tonight
  2. Time and Again
  3. Spring Fever
  4. That Lucky Old Sun
  5. Laugh
  6. Lana
  7. The Love Express
  8. Don't Let Him Take My Baby
  9. Let The Good Times Roll
  10. The Light Goes On The Light Goes Off
  11. Crying In The Chapel
  12. Dawn
  13. Here Comes That Song Again
  14. Nightmare
  15. If
  16. Let The Fool Kiss You
  17. Baby The Magic Is Gone
  18. Be Ever Mine
  19. You Done Me Bad
  20. Kiss Me
  21. Alicia
  22. Bird Dog
  23. My Love
  24. Who Has The Right
  25. I'm Trusting In You
  26. Almost But Not Quite
  27. Husbands and Wives
  28. I Can Feel It
  29. Poison Love
  30. That's Out Of My Line