Rockin' & Boppin' CD

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Collins Kids
Rockin' and Boppin' CD

Lorrie and Larry Collins - The Collins Kids - were teenage Rockabilly royalty.
They were stars of the prestigious 1950s US TV show ‘Town Hall Party’.
Larry was already a red hot guitarist at the age of 11, famous for playing a twin-necked Mosrite guitar which was nearly as big as him, while elder sister Lorrie handled lead vocals and accompanied him on rhythm guitar.
They recorded prolifically for the Columbia label between 1955 and 1961.
This collection features their best-known songs including The Rockaway Rock, I’m In My Teens, Hop Skip and Jump, Party, Hoy Hoy, Just Because, Mercy, Rock Boppin’ Baby and Whistle Bait.
Then there are collectors’ rarities like Hot Rod, Soda Poppin’ Around, What’cha Gonna Do Now? and Ain’t You Ever?.
Also included as a bonus track is Just Because, a previously unreleased version where Lorrie Collins duet with Ricky Nelson, featured on the Ozzie & Harriett TV show in January 1958.

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Disc 1
  1. Hush Money
  2. Beetle Bug Bop
  3. The Cuckoo Rock
  4. Walkin’ The Floor Over You
  5. The Rockaway Rock
  6. Make Him Behave
  7. I’m In My Teens
  8. They’re Still In Love
  9. Rock and Roll Polka
  10. My First Love
  11. Go Away Don’t Bother Me
  12. Move A Little Closer
  13. Young Heart
  14. Hop Skip and Jump
  15. Shortnin’ Bread Rock
  16. Party
  17. Heartbeat
  18. Hoy Hoy
  19. Mama Worries
  20. Just Because
  21. Hot Rod
  22. Soda Poppin’ Around
  23. Mercy
  24. Sweet Talk
  25. Rock Boppin’ Baby
  26. Whistle Bait
  27. Sugar Plum
  28. Kinda Like Love
  29. The Lonesome Road
  30. There’ll Be Some Changes Made
  31. Home Of The Blues
  32. Waitin’ and Watchin’
  33. What’cha Gonna Do Now
  34. Ain’t You Ever
  35. Just Because (Lorrie Collins & Ricky Nelson)