Girls Girls Girls volume 2 CD

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The Coasters
Girls Girls Girls Volume 2 CD

Second of two volumes, each featuring 31 original Coasters recordings.
Together they include all the classic hits any many other rockin' recordings from one of the most successful and entertaining groups in Rock 'n' Roll history.

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Disc 1
  1. Let's Go To The Dance
  2. Ten Days In Jail
  3. Don't Stop Now
  4. Double Crossin' Baby
  5. Riot In Cell Block No.9
  6. Framed
  7. One Kiss
  8. The Hatchet Man
  9. Turtle Dovin'
  10. One Kiss Led To Another
  11. Searchin'
  12. Idol With The Golden Head
  13. What Is The Secret Of Your Success
  14. Yakety Yak
  15. The Shadow Knows
  16. Hey Sexy
  17. Three Cool Cats
  18. That Is Rock 'n' Roll
  19. Poison Ivy
  20. Run Red Run
  21. Wake Me Shake Me
  22. Thumbin' A Ride
  23. Little Egypt
  24. Girls Girls Girls
  25. Ain't That Just Like Me
  26. Bad Detective
  27. Gee Golly
  28. Dance
  29. Ladylike
  30. Saturday Night Fish Fry
  31. Crocodile