The Clothes The Cars The Music - Rockabilly Rave DVD

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The Clothes The Cars The Music
Official Rockabilly Rave DVD

The Clothes, The Cars, The Music DVD filmed at The Rockabilly Rave and The Hotrod Hayride - two of the biggest Rockabilly Scene events in the world.
Featuring rockin' performances from Big Sandy, The Go Getters, Ruby Ann, Dave and Deke Combo, Buzz Wayne, Janis Martin, High Noon, The Mad Men, Charlie Thompson and Miss Mary Ann.

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Disc 1
  1. Intro
  2. Big Sandy
  3. The Go Getters
  4. Ruby Ann
  5. Dave and Deke Combo
  6. Buzz Wayne
  7. Janis Martin
  8. High Noon
  9. Chralie Thompson & Miss Mary Ann
  10. The Mad Men