Soul of the West LP (vinyl)

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Clint Bradley
Soul of the West LP (vinyl)

Clint Bradley's acclaimed first western album Riding After Midnight was released in 2014.
This was his first dedicated western record and quickly established him as a new force within the genre.
Critics have universally agreed that he has taken western music to another level, and indeed some of his own songs from that album are already establishing themselves as modern western music classics.
He has also been nominated for awards both in Europe and the USA.
The last couple of years have seen him out on the road establishing The Clint Bradley Band as truly must see live experience,
Clint's brand new western album Soul of the West consists entirely of his own compositions.
This collection of songs reflects all the corners of his influence, from a lifelong love and passion for western music to the environment in which he lives and some of the darker aspects of the world he sees around him.
"There is no point in editing your own soul" he says, "sometimes you write a song on the spur of the moment directly after a personal experience or that of someone close to you, another time you write with a smile and the simple joy of the place you are in at that moment. There is no reason why western music can't have an edge".
As with Riding After Midnight it's a completely acoustic affair, once again produced by Darren Allison and Clint.
Great effort has been taken to bring out the all finest aspects that acoustic instruments have to offer.

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Disc 1
  1. Six Guns Spurs and Saddles
  2. Soul of the West
  3. The Lightning Ride
  4. The Promise
  5. Lone Lonesome Moon
  6. Liberty Wind
  7. Mary Kate
  8. Biggest Sky
  9. Justice for George
  10. Joshua's Yellow Boy