Any Day Now - The Early Years 1957-1962 CD

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Chuck Jackson
Any Day Now - The Early Years 1957-1962 CD

Already a 24 year old veteran when he registered his first hit records, Chuck Jackson had been singing for most of his life and cutting records since his teens, initially as a member of doowoppers The Dell-Vikings.
His discography is exceptionally complicated, as many of his early recordings were reissued indiscriminately, after he'd become famous.
This collection picks through these early cuts, presenting the very best of Chuck Jackson 1957-62, including his breakthrough hits I Don't Want To Cry, It Never Happens In Real Life, I Wake Up Crying, Any Day Now, I Keep Forgettin', Getting' Ready For The Heartbreak and Tell Him I'm Not Home.
Several of his earliest recordings are unfeasibly rare, and impossible to find elsewhere on CD.
Chuck Jackson was one of the very best, and this is a formidable body of work.

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Disc 1
  1. Willette
  2. Cold Feet
  3. A Little Man Cried
  4. Watching the Moon
  5. Never Let Me Go
  6. Baby I Want To Marry You
  7. Girl Girl
  8. Come On and Love Me
  9. Ooh Baby
  10. I'm Yours
  11. Hula Lula
  12. Mr Pride
  13. This is It
  14. I Don't Want To Cry
  15. Just Once
  16. It Never Happens In Real Life
  17. The Same Old Story
  18. I Wake Up Crying
  19. Everybody Needs Love
  20. The Breaking Point
  21. Tear of the Year
  22. A Tear
  23. What You Gonna Say Tomorrow
  24. Angel of Angels
  25. Any Day Now
  26. The Prophet
  27. I Keep Forgettin'
  28. Who's Gonna Pick Up the Pieces
  29. Make the Night a Little Longer
  30. Getting' Ready For the Heartbreak
  31. In Between Tears
  32. Tell Him I'm Not Home