Cellar Beasts CD

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The Cellar Beasts CD

The Cellar Beasts' frighteningly demonic debut album.
A hard rockin' Power-Psychobilly 4-piece and a new name on the International Psychobilly scene.
They play full-force, full-speed Psychobilly with powerful guitar and relentless slappin' bass.

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Disc 1
  1. Intro
  2. Unreal World
  3. Monster Under The Bed
  4. Enter The Dungeon
  5. Forces Of Evil
  6. Boneyard Twist
  7. But You Won't Escape Them
  8. Graveyard By Moonlight
  9. Arachnophobia
  10. Beast
  11. Vampires Story
  12. Ballad Of The Undead