Rockin' Record Hop CD

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Carl Perkins
Rockin' Record Hop CD

Although it's his Sun recordings that are widely regarded as Rockabilly classics, after leaving Sun Records Carl Perkins continued to write and recording fantastic Rockabilly music.
This superb 30 track CD gathers together his finest post-Sun Rockers making it a great alternative Best Of collection. 

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Disc 1
  1. Jive After Jive
  2. Pink Pedal Pushers
  3. Where The Rio De Rosa Flows
  4. Pointed Toe Shoes
  5. Unhappy Girls
  6. Lonely Heart
  7. Let My Baby Be
  8. Restless
  9. Rockin' Record Hop
  10. Just Thought I'd Call
  11. Because You're Mine
  12. That's All Right Mama
  13. Pop Let Me Have The Car
  14. Levi Jacket And A Long Tail Shirt
  15. Honey 'Cause I Love You
  16. When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain
  17. L-O-V-E-V-I-L-L-E
  18. Sister Twister
  19. Hambone
  20. Ready Teddy
  21. Jenny Jenny
  22. You Were There
  23. Highway Of Love
  24. Born To Boogie
  25. Say When
  26. One Of These Days
  27. I Wouldn't Have You
  28. Someday Somewhere Someone Waits For Me
  29. The E.P. Express
  30. Big Bad Blues