Forgotten Memory Of The Beaches CD

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Captain Rico & The Ghost Band
The Forgotten Memory Of The Beaches CD


On this wonderful debut album Captain Rico and the Ghost Band take you on a journey into the world of Surf Music.
Made popular in the early '60s by groups like The Ventures and The Surfaris, this musical style is still very much thriving in surfing spots worldwide.
The members of the group, from the Basque Country, have been immersed in surfing culture and the universe of the legendary Belharrawave since they were kids.
The Forgotten Memory of the Beaches sets this universe to music.

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Disc 1
  1. Epic Wave
  2. Giant Turtle
  3. Hang Glider
  4. Mexican Road Trip
  5. Running In The Wind
  6. Tame The Wave
  7. The Drunk Snake
  8. The Engulfed Monastery
  9. Forgotten Memory Of The Beaches
  10. The Giant Turtle Is The Memory Of The Beaches
  11. The Lost Lagoon
  12. V8 Interceptor