Flesh Eating Twist CD

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The Butchers
Flesh Eating Twist CD

Excellent Psychobilly by The Butchers - a 3-piece band from Finland.
The Butchers play with a tight and powerful sound creating a Psycho-Rockin' style of their own incorporating elements of Rock 'n' Roll and Punk Rock.
Flesh Eating Twist rocks hard with lots of energy, but they retain structure and melody in their songs and never sound thrashy.
A great debut album.

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Disc 1
  1. The Race
  2. Brothers
  3. Am I A Freak
  4. Crazy Feeling
  5. Shit Brain
  6. Billy's Crew
  7. Time To Go
  8. Tom
  9. Worm Eaten
  10. Flesh Eating Twist
  11. Dr. White
  12. Gotta Be Cool