Somethin' Real Good CD

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The Bullets
Somethin' Real Good CD

More wild rockin' action from The Bullets!
Something Real Good is the superb third album the UK rockabilly trio - now with new bass player Darren Richards who has played and recorded with Jack Rabbit Slim, Slim Slip and the Sliders and The Space Cadets.

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Disc 1
  1. Put A Spell On Me
  2. Do What I Did
  3. Somethin' Real Good
  4. Don't Regret Me
  5. Chilli Dog Boogie
  6. Ain’t That Somethin'
  7. Stay Tonight
  8. Coyote On The Prowl
  9. Blues Stay Away
  10. Dead Man’s Hand
  11. Ten Pints Of Whiskey
  12. Miss Kitty
  13. Four O’Clock Stomp
  14. Tomb Of Your Cold Heart
  15. That's Wild