Rockabilly Train LP (vinyl)

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Buck Jones and his Lonestar Cowboys
Rockabilly Train LP (vinyl)

Buck Jones has been the driving force in the Finnish rockabilly scene since the late 1970s.
Buck Jones & His Rhythm Riders, founded in 1978, released their debut album Crazy Chicken Boogie on EMI in 1979, and both this album and the follow-up Explosive RockA-Billy stood just a few copies shy of the gold disc award in the height of the 1970s rockabilly craze.
As one of the top Finnish bands of the genre, Buck and the Riders toured Finland and Scandinavia on a regular basis.
They were one of the very few Finnish bands studying the roots of rockabilly and using authentic instruments like slap bass and mandolin.
Buck Jones’ unique sound is a melting pot of hillbilly, western music and zydeco ingredients mixed with authentic rockabilly.
After a couple of years the Riders disbanded, and Buck Jones founded the Lonestars with Alpo ”Teddy Guitar” Hakala and Olli ”Rock-Ola” Pihlajamaa.
The Lonestars (later the Falcons) were the most popular Finnish rockabilly band of the time, both home and abroad.
They released two albums and toured Scandinavia, Holland and England, both on their own and as the backing group of the rockabilly legends Ray Campi, Jackie Lee Cochran, Johnny Legend and Mac Curtis.
In addition to their hectic touring schedule, Buck and Teddy Guitar visited Ronny Weiser’s legendary studio in Los Angeles and recorded an album called California ’81 with Rollin’ Rock Records crew.
If you fast-forward some 30 years, you’ll find Buck back on the Rebel rockabilly track with his new album Rockabilly Train.

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Disc 1
  1. Rockabilly Train
  2. Buck Naked
  3. Keep Rockin'
  4. Devil's Boneyard
  5. I Ain't Dead Yet
  6. Tattooed Girls Go Straight to Hell
  7. The South's Gotta Rise Again
  8. They Call Me Bad
  9. Sweet Little Cherry Topped Rockabilly Cutie Pie
  10. Keep Your Hands on the Wheel
  11. Pink and Honey
  12. 99 Seconds to Strangetown