Mumblin' Tossin' and Turnin' CD

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Bobby Lewis
Mumblin' Tossin' and Turnin' CD

Bobby Lewis is best remembered for his raucous, multi-million selling hit Tossin' and Turnin'.
However, he had been a popular, well-established New York-based R&B singer throughout the 1950s, and was already in his mid-30s when he cut his career-defining hit.
This is the first collection to anthologise Bobby Lewis's recording career, featuring many of his 1950s releases, including both versions of his controversial early '50s hit Mumbles Blues.
Also includes his later hits One Track Mind, What A Walk, Mamie In The Afternoon and Tossin' and Turnin' Again.
Few of his early recordings are available elsewhere on CD, making this compilation indispensable.
Tossin' and Turnin' was later used to tremendous effect in the films American Graffiti and Animal House, and remains one of America's favourite radio oldies to this day.

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Disc 1

1. Mumbles Blues
2. Oh Baby
3. Mumbles Blues
4. Solid As A Rock
5. You Even Forgot My Name
6. Yay Yay I Feel So Gay
7. Oh Mr. Somebody
8. You Better Stop
9. Fire Of Love
10. Tossin' and Turnin'
11. Oh Yes I Love You
12. One Track Mind
13. Are You Ready
14. What A Walk
15. Cry No More
16. Lonely Teardrops
17. Let Me Be The One You Love
18. Turn Over A New Leaf
19. Tossin' and Turnin'
20. Yes Oh Yes It Did
21. Boom-a-Chick-Chick
22. Head Over Heels
23. Mamie In The Afternoon
24. A Man's Gotta Be A Man
25. Day By Day I Need Your Love
26. I'm Tossin' and Turnin' Again
27. Nothin' But The Blues