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    Bobby Bare and Bill Parsons
    Buddies With The Blues CD

    The All American Boys face to face - 30 tracks from the 1950s by Bobby Bare and Bill Parsons.
    In the late '50s, future Country Music superstar Bobby Bare signed with Capitol Records and recorded a few Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly tracks.
    Just before he was drafted into the Army, he wrote a song called The All American Boy and made a demo for his friend Bill Parsons to learn and record - but in 1959 Fraternity Records released the original demo recorded by Bobby Bare but mistakenly credited it to Parsons - and would became a massive hit.
    Here are Bobby Bare and Bill Parsons 50s recordings, including all their great rockin' sides.


    • 1Down On The Corner Of Love : Bobby Bare
    • 2Another Love Has Ended : Bobby Bare
    • 3Darlin' Don't : Bobby Bare
    • 4The Life Of A Fool : Bobby Bare
    • 5A Beggar : Bobby Bare
    • 6The Livin' End : Bobby Bare
    • 7Vampira : Bobby Bare
    • 8Tender Years : Bobby Bare
    • 9All American Boy : Bill Parsons
    • 10Rubber Dolly : Bill Parsons
    • 11Educated Rock and Roll : Bill Parsons
    • 12Sputnick No.2 : Bill Parsons
    • 13Buddies With The Blues : Bobby Bare
    • 14My Rockin' Shoes : Bill Parsons
    • 15That's Where I Want To Be : Bobby Bare
    • 16I'm Hangin' Up My Rifle : Bobby Bare
    • 17Sweet Singin' Sam : Bobby Bare
    • 18More Than A Poor Boy Could Give : Bobby Bare
    • 19No Letter From My Baby : Bobby Bare
    • 20Lynchin' Party : Bobby Bare
    • 21Hot Rod Volkswagen : Bill Parsons
    • 22Guitar Blues : Bill Parsons
    • 23Book Of Love : Bobby Bare
    • 24Lorena : Bobby Bare
    • 25Sailor Man : Bobby Bare
    • 26Island Of Love : Bobby Bare
    • 27That Mean Old Clock : Bobby Bare
    • 28The Day My Rainbow Fell : Bobby Bare
    • 29Brooklyn Bridge : Bobby Bare
    • 30Zig-Zag : Bobby Bare


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