Rock 'n' Roll - Rockabilly - Psychobilly chart November 2018


1: The Dominos - It Don't Mean A Thing CD
Very Best Of The Domino's, the Rockabilly trio formed in Belgium 1989, led by singer & guitarist Patrick Ouchene later of Runnin' Wild.
2: Colton Turner : That Rocks!
A fine album of top notch rockabilly originals recorded at Fort Horton studio by Billy Horton.
3: The Bullets : Boppin' & Screamin'
One of the UK scene's finest rockabilly bands with a CD release gathering all the tracks from their recent vinyl-only EPs.
4: Hickville Bombers : Danger Road
Fantastic new album capturing the Bombers sounding better than ever, recorded using vintage equipment and techniques.
5: The Hayriders : The Hayriders
Great vocals, ripping guitar and a punchy rhythm section, The Hayriders captures the essence of rockabilly... loud, wild and raw!
6: v.a. : Teds & Arse Volume 3
28 rarities from the Rock 'n' Roll revival inc. Sunstroke, Matchbox, Memphis Bend, Blackcat, Shotgun, The Cruisers, Vernon & The GI’s etc.
7: Jack Rabbit Slim : Despedida
The final album from Jack Rabbit Slim after being a top rockin' scene name from the past decade.
8: v.a. : No Words Necessary CD
25 real gone rockin' instrumentals featuring Jack Rabbit Slim, The Retrobaits, The Flames, Rusti Steel & the Star Tones, The Bullets and more.
9: Darrel Higham : Believe What You Hear
The rockabilly guitar man pays tribute to 1950s Rock 'n' Roll legend Ricky Nelson
10: Rockin' At The Lost & Found CD
25 rockin' tracks - all hard to find and many previously unreleased - inc Slick 49, The Misdeals, Bill Fadden, Nervous Brothers and others.


1: v.a. - The Girl Can't Help It
Music from the greatest Rock 'n' Roll movie - inc. Little Richard, Fats Domino, Eddie Cochran, The Treniers, Gene Vincent, Eddie Fontaine & more!
2: v.a. - Rockabilly Red Hot & Rare Volume 2 (10 CD set)
Ten disc set packed with 250 original 1950s rockin' tracks including Hank Mizell, Alvis Wayne, Marvin Rainwater, Johnny Carroll etc.
3: Collins Kids : Rockin' and Boppin'
35 original recordings from Lorrie and Larry Collins - 1950s teenage rockabillies who recorded prolifically for Columbia between 1955 & 1961.
4: v.a. - Rockabilly Red Hot & Rare Volume 1 (10 CD set)
Ten disc set packed with 250 original 1950s rockin' tracks including Jerry Irby, Pat Cupp, Alvis Wayne, Glen Glenn, Art Adams etc.
5: v.a. - Boppin’ By The Bayou - Flip Flop & Fly
Rare South Louisiana Rock 'n' Roll & Rockabilly inc Johnny Jano, Al Ferrier, Doug Kershaw, Warren Storm, Rocket Morgan, Gene Terry etc.
6: Mac Curtis - Singles Collection 1956-1965
A massive 33 track collection which covers all of Mac Curtis' singles released between 1956 and 1965.
7: v.a. - Girl Coast Girls - Swamp Pop Revisited 1958-1962
30 tracks from female singers who contributed strongly to the Swamp Pop, inc Miss LaVell, Berna Dean, Barbara Lynn, Irma Thomas & more.
8: v.a. - British Rock 'n' Roll (4 CD set)
4 disc set gathering 100 of the best British Rock 'n' Roll recordings including Dickie Pride, Vince Taylor, Don Lang, Vince Eager etc.
9: Sam "The Man" Taylor - Music With The Big Beat / Blue Mist
Two original albums on one CD - plus bonus tracks! 28 slices of frantic sax blasting by the one of the greatest R&B saxophonists of the 1950s.
10: Lee Hazlewood : Fools Rebel Rousers & Girls On Death Row
The Lee Hazlewood Story 1955-1962 with 35 track - featuring Duane Eddy, Sanford Clark, Al Casey, Ray Sharpe, and Ramona King.


1: The Cramps : Hanky Panky
Now released as a double vinyl set as well as CD - two such magnificent performances, both the subject of live FM radio broadcasts.
2: Gutter Demons : No God No Ghost No Saints
One of the pioneering bands of the Canadian Psychobilly scene present their fifth, and perhaps best album to date.
3 : Surfin' Wombatz : More Macabre Monstrosities
Brand new studio album from the Surfin Wombatz, formed in 1987 and peddling their brand of beer and voodoo influenced psychobilly ever since.
4: The Cramps : Hot Pearl Radio Broadcast
Limited edition vinyl LP. Live in Zurich, Switzerland in 1986 - originally recorded for radio broadcast.
5: P Paul Fenech : The F-Files
Fendermaster, founder and frontman of The Meteors released his tenth solo album.
6 : Guana Batz : Back To The Jungle
Brand new album from the psychobilly scene legends, their first studio album for 22 years!
7 : Teenage Zombies : Smoke & Mirrors
The brand new album from The Teenage Zombies brings you 14 deadly cuts if sizzling psychobilly with gruesome garage influences.
8 : The Sin Kings : Chelsea Smile
Ferocious, hard edged but totally rockin' UK psychobilly trio present their brand new album.
9 : The Caravans : Gasoline and Gunfire
Fantastic new album from longstanding British Neo-Rockabilly/Psychobilly still very much on top of their game today.
10 : v.a. - Sounds From The Haunted Jukebox CD
Rockin' halloween gruesome ghoulish goodies from Epileptic Hillbillys, Norm & The Nightmarez, Surfin' Wombatz, Teenage Zombies etc.

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